At Mr. Fox we not only care about providing you, our loyal squad with quality spread goodness, but we also take one step back and look at the bigger picture. Helping out in any way we can with some of the most pressing issues our country and planet are facing.


To do our bit for the environment we offer a free mandatory pickup service automatically every Monday, for all the delivery packaging that comes with your delicious spreads on Sundays!
This includes:
- The pretty box & rope
- The ice packs that kept your jars nice and chilly!

Why do we do this?
There’s no use for them in the waste!
Due to the fact that our jars are pre-packaged goods, the above items can be safely re-used for many orders to come.

What you need to do
All you have to do is leave the box with the string and ice packs inside, somewhere where we can access them without the items becoming damaged.
This can be under your pergola or front porch (for that guaranteed safety), in your mailbox (if its a big one?), in a pot plant (cause we love plants) or just about anywhere you like as long as we can access it (cause we love spontaneity).

Because Mumma always said you should hear the bad news first
We take our giving back motto seriously, so if you don’t leave your box out for us to pick up, you will incur a fee of $15. These terms are agreed upon when you click the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions provided by Mr. Fox' box on the pre-order form or at the checkout. For further details please see section 2.12 in our terms and conditions page.

Because the good is always just around the corner
For every 3 times we pick up the re-useable items from you, you will earn Mr. Fox points to be used in our store and claim free, trendy, lil Mr. Fox approved merch!


As you know we are all about providing a healthy lifestyle for our Mr. Fox Squad, through deliciously healthy food and motivation to be your best each day!
However, there are many people out there who don’t have access to any food to begin with, or have had a rough start in life. And what would any lifestyle be without clean air and a healthy planet to live within?!
That’s why here at Mr. Fox we are giving you the chance to round up your order by just 30cents at the checkout and donate to your chosen charity.
Whether it’s for the planet or for the disadvantaged Aussies, you can help with each purchase!

All proceeds from the 30cents round up of your order will be donated to your chosen charity from the drop down list you chose! These charities will be rotated every month or so, so stay updated via our instagram page!