Our Oat Mylk is currently raw and preservative free to provide high quality home-made style nutritious Oat Mylk. The shelf life is 5 days.

Currently, we offer our Oat Mylk via home delivery only on Thursdays, via a subscription. Our Pink Hummus is also for purchase for home delivery. Our Body scrubs are available online and shipped though AusPost.

Yes! We have specifically designed our business, products and operations to provide preservative free products boosted with SUPERfoods.

Our spreads are High Pressure Processed, which is a high intensity cold pasteurisation technique applied to our end product in their jars. This allows a shelf life of up to a month. Our Pink for P Hummus should be consumed within 5 days of opening, while our Sweetie Peetie and Avocado Luxe should be consumed within 3 days of opening.

We take pride in caring for our customers and especially in their skin. While we haven't tested out scrub to be viable to use on skin, it is made of natural ingredients and nasties free. /div>