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Charcoal Oat Body Scrub Treatment

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Activated Charcoal + Oat + Cacao Butter + Sea Salt Body Scrub Sphere


Forget soap bars and loose salt combos, our oat scrub spheres easily glide across your skin, providing you with a neat yet incredibly effective body polish.

Following our zero waste oats movement, we dedicate re-used oats not only to cookies for the homeless, but also into an exfoliating and intensely moisturising body treatment. 

May cause obsession with smelling and feeling like the hot choccy that you are. 

A yummy combination of 

- Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder
- High quality, Australian single origin oats
- Organic raw Cacao Butter 
- Himalayan pink sea salt

to give you even yummier detoxed skin.

charcoal + your skin.
- Can effectively cleanse and unclog pores to remove deeper impurities. + dead skin cells.
- Activated charcoal molecules can draw out dirt, toxins, + heavy metals,
in your gorg skin.

oats + your skin.
- Exfoliate and cleanse with steroidal saponins, Avenacoside A, and Avenacoside B.
- Anti-inflammatory Zinc,- yes when eaten and rubbed all over your gorg body.

cacao butter + your skin. 
- Contains polyphenols which can help with skin tone, elasticity and collagen production. 
- Packed with nourishing and soothing antioxidants that make you feel and smell delicious.

himalayan pink sea salt + your skin.
- Removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling SUPER smooth and supple
- Draws out toxins and pollutants out of the skin, leaving it clean and soft
-Antimicrobial properties that may help sooth irritated skin.

Gently glide over your body from your toes to your jaw line.
For best results leave on for two minutes (so shampoo and condition that gorg hair while it does it's thang).
Rinse off. 

Best to use in shower.
Do not use directly under running water.
Store in a cool, dry place in between uses.
You now have irresistible supple yummy skin. 

Hand Made to order. Ships within 5 business days.